Jim Lewthwaite Memorial Award

The Jim Lewthwaite Memorial Award is designed to recognize the efforts of those who demonstrate a commitment to promote Canadian Western Agribition internationally as a showcase for Canadian livestock genetics and agricultural technology.

Nominees must:

  1. Be private and/or public sector individuals or organizations.
  2. Have undertaken initiatives which enhance the international profile and presence of Canadian Western Agribition. This may be the result of a single initiative or a series of initiatives over a number of years. The scope of the international activities may be related to any component of Agribition, including livestock, education, technology or agri-food.
  3. Agree to be nominated and agree to publicity.

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Jim Lethwaite Memorial Award Recipients

1991    Saskatchewan Simmental Association

1992    Saskatchewan Hereford Association & Perry Wilkes

1993    Robert Ballantyne

1995    Peter and Pam Connet

1996    Dr. Milos Menhart

1998    Mariano Etcheverry, Argentina

1999    Roger Birch, United Kingdom

2000    Bob Prestage & Mel Sisson

2001    Gary Smith & Kate Kolstad, Alta Exports International Ltd.

2002    Duncan Porteous

2003    Canadian Trade Commissioner Service

2004    Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership

2005    Norma B. Dunn

2006    Gordon Stephenson

2010    Helge & Candace By

2012    Herb McLane

2013    Jim Barber

2015    Brian Rossnagel