CWA Next Gen Program

Welcome to Canada’s newest and most ambitious agricultural mentorship program! Canadian Western Agribition (CWA)’s “Next Gen Agriculture” Program will be the most comprehensive industry-wide program available for young people in Saskatchewan.

Beginning in February 2019, the Next Gen Agriculture program will welcome eight (8) successful applicants into an 18-month mentorship experience that includes industry knowledge, advocacy, business education, networking, board & governance training and social connections.

The CWA Next Gen Agriculture program aims to create a community of graduates with a deeper understanding of agriculture, business, community, leadership and advocacy for the industry. Graduates will benefit from the most immersive industry-wide mentorship experience available.

CWA is in the process of building a roster of industry-leading agriculture mentors in the fields of farming, livestock, entrepreneurship and value-added.

2019-2020 Mentees

Click here for CWA Next Gen Agriculture FAQ’s.

For more information, please contact mentorship@agribition.com

Canadian Western Agribition is proud to partner with the Ministry of Agriculture under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership.