CWA Next Gen Program

Welcome to Canada’s newest and most ambitious agricultural mentorship program! Canadian Western Agribition (CWA)’s “Next Gen Agriculture" Program will be the most comprehensive industry-wide program available for young people in Saskatchewan.

Beginning in February 2019, the Next Gen Agriculture program will welcome eight (8) successful applicants into an 18-month mentorship experience that includes industry knowledge, advocacy, business education, networking, board & governance training and social connections.

The CWA Next Gen Agriculture program aims to create a community of graduates with a deeper understanding of agriculture, business, community, leadership and advocacy for the industry. Graduates will benefit from the most immersive industry-wide mentorship experience available. 

CWA is in the process of building a roster of industry-leading agriculture mentors in the fields of farming, livestock, entrepreneurship and value-added. On December 14th, 2018, CWA will open the online application process for mentees.



Who Can Apply?

The CWA Next Gen Agriculture program is open to any Saskatchewan resident aged 18-39. At least 6 of the 8 successful applicants will be involved in primary agricultural production. 

Who will my mentor be?

CWA’s selection process will pair mentees and mentors based on existing skills, interests, abilities and desired outcomes. CWA’s mentor partners will be a cross section of leaders in the fields of grain/pulses/oilseed production, livestock, value-added processing, and entrepreneurship.

What is the selection process?

Applicants will apply online and have their applications considered by a CWA selection committee. Successful applicants will then be paired with an appropriate mentor and a specifically designed 18-month mentorship curriculum beginning in February 2019. More details on the application process will be available on December 14th.

What will the program include?

CWA is in the process of designing an overall, outcome-based mentorship program that will include skill training, board & governance training, industry learning, networking opportunities and 1x1 time with mentors. CWA Next Gen Agriculture will fund the required travel, training, expenses and related costs associated with the mentorship program.



For more information, please contact mentorship@agribition.com


Canadian Western Agribition is proud to partner with the Ministry of Agriculture under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership.