Countdown to #CWA22


Welcome to Agribition!


We are proud and excited to celebrate 50 years with you. We know you may have questions about attending Agribition this year but rest assured we are committed to delivering the safest experience possible while maintaining the spirit of the premier agricultural show in Canada.
Agribition 2021 will operate under all current and applicable Public Health Orders in the Province of Saskatchewan, found here.
You will need to provide either proof of full vaccination status OR proof of an approved negative COVID-19 test to attend Agribition.
The following FAQs provide information on what to expect when you visit Agribition.
Do I have to be vaccinated to come to Agribition?
You have the choice to provide proof of full (double) vaccination status OR proof of a negative COVID-19 test to attend Agribition, as per the Province of Saskatchewan’s Public Health Order. CWA will accept any physical or digital proof of vaccination record provided by your local health authority. Any physical or digital proof of vaccination or proof of a negative COVID-19 test must be presented with identification. 
If you are choosing to provide proof of vaccination, the LAST DAY you can receive your second shot and satisfy the 14 day waiting period before load-in weekend at Agribtion is November 5, 2021.


Can I attend Agribition with a proof of a negative test result?
Yes, CWA will accept proof of a negative test result, as long as it is approved under the Public Health Order:
  • Must be from an authorized private provider
  • Must not be from Saskatchewan Health Authority or self-administered 
  • Must be from within the previous 72 hours
  • If you are an exhibitor choosing to provide a negative test result, you will not be allowed on grounds if you test positive at any time during the week.
  • If you are unvaccinated and test positive, the Public Health Order requires you to self-isolate for 14 days.
  • If you are unvaccinated and a close contact of someone who tests positive, the Public Health Order requires you to self-isolate for 14 days.
  • If you are an exhibitor choosing to provide negative test results, you will likely need to be retested at least twice during Show Week between load-in and move-out, as the results are only valid for 72 hours.


How will Agribition check for proof of vaccinations and test results?
All vaccine and test verification will take place at Agribition’s admission gates or at point of entry for ticketed events at the Brandt Centre.
For fully vaccinated exhibitors, staff, and volunteers Agribition will offer a pre-screening and a wristband option to ensure easy access for those requiring multi-day admission to the grounds.
For anyone choosing to provide test results, proof of a valid negative test will be required at every point of entry to the grounds.


How can I get a wristband?
CWA will offer all fully vaccinated exhibitors (trade show & livestock), volunteers, staff, and select multi-day attendees an wrist band option to expedite entry through the gates during show week. Anyone with a wrist band will not have to show proof of vaccination upon entry. Wrist bands will be available for Exhibitors beginning on load-in weekend.
To receive your wrist band:
  • You must be an exhibitor, volunteer, staff, contractor or other multi-day attendee
  • You must provide proof of full vaccination at one of the following locations during operating hours:
    • Show and Sale Office (Livestock Exhibitors)
    • Exhibitor Services Centre (Trade Show Exhibitors)
    • CWA Admin Office (All others)


How can I get tested?
Testing is the responsibility of the attendee or exhibitor. A valid test will be acceptable for 72 hours. Out-of-province attendees may provide a valid test from approved testing sites in their home province. Approved private testing sites in Saskatchewan can be found hereMore information on testing can be found here


Will there be testing offered at Agribition?
CWA is pleased to partner with Haztech to provide testing services during Agribition. Anyone requiring testing is responsible for the full cost of their own tests. Testing services will be available from 8am-8pm between Nov. 19-27 and will be located at:
  • Rambler Park (Livestock trailer parking site)
  • Old Taylor Field site (East of the Lawson Aquatic Centre off 10th ave)


What happens if I test positive partway through the week?
You will not be admitted to Agribition without a negative test result. This means you could be separated from your livestock or trade show product partway through the week. As per the Saskatchewan Public Health Order, if you test positive:You are also required to self-isolate.
  • Your unvaccinated close contacts are also required to self-isolate.
  • Your vaccinated close contacts are to self-monitor for symptoms but would be able to remain at the show.
If you are an unvaccinated exhibitor and plan to attend, it is recommended you designate someone else to be responsible for your livestock or trade show display in the event you test positive.


What if I’m unable to get the vaccine?
Children under 12 are exempt from providing proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test.
Medical exemptions for anyone 12 and over must include written confirmation from a medical professional as per the Public Health Order. Anyone with a medical vaccine exemption will still be required to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test.


If I’ve already had COVID-19, am I considered immune and exempt from the Public Health Order?
No, the Saskatchewan Public Health Order will not recognize previous infection as a valid exemption and you will still be required to provide proof of vaccination or proof of a negative COVID-19 test to attend Agribition. 


Will Agribition keep my medical information?
No, Canadian Western Agribition will not retain any records of private medical information.
Do I have to wear a mask at Agribition?
Under the current Public Health Order, masking is required in all indoor public spaces at Agribition with the following exceptions:
  • Children under 2, or aged 3-12 who are not reasonably able to wear a mask
  • Individuals with a written medical exemption or are cognitively unable to understand the requirement
  • While eating or drinking (seated)
  • Participants in sports activities (ie, rodeo) as long as they are subject to a proof of vaccine policy
  • Anyone engaged in public speaking, performance, or leading a public event as long as they are maintaining social distance of 6 feet.
Masks will also not be required in tie-outs or any outdoor space on grounds. Masks will not be required in an instance where physical safety is at risk when handling livestock and clear verbal and visual communication is necessary.


Can I bring my kids to Agribition?
Yes, children are always welcome at Agribition! This year, we are not running formal Registered Education Programming in conjunction with Saskatchewan School Divisions. 
As per the current Public Health Order, children under 12 are exempt from any proof of vaccination or testing requirement.


Will there be food and drink options at Agribition?
Yes, Agribition will include concession, food trucks, and prepared meal options as well as bar and beverage services.


What cleaning and sanitization measures are in place?
Enhanced cleaning and sanitization protocols are in place at Agribition, thanks to the Regina Exhibition Association Limited’s (REAL) accreditation as a GBAC STAR compliant facility – the highest level of cleaning and disinfecting levels available. 


Can I get refund?
Exhibitors who decide not to attend Agribition before the entry or registration deadline of October 1, 2021 will be entitled to a full refund as per CWA’s existing policies.
If, for any reason, a ticketed event at Agribition is cancelled (ie, Rodeo, Party on the Dirt, Jousting), ticketholders will be refunded in full.
In the event Agribition itself is cancelled, all exhibitors and ticketholders will be refunded in full.


What if the Public Health Orders change before Agribition?
CWA will follow all current Public Health Orders related to COVID-19 in Saskatchewan. If any of the orders change, CWA will communicate those changes to Exhibitors, Volunteers, Ticketholders and the General Public as soon as possible. 


For further details or clarification, contact Canadian Western Agribition at