Countdown to #CWA50


Agribition All Stars

Meet your Agribition All Stars!

CWA presents Agribition All Stars! A virtual way to show how much we appreciate our volunteers and everything they do! Follow along each week as we highlight dozens of volunteers who have gone above and beyond to deliver our world class show each year. Click the names below to find out more about these All Stars of Agribition! 


Wally Mills
Bill Mustatia
Doug Graham
Leanne Rein
Kelly Howe
Hugh Wright
Dale Claypool
Karl Sauter
Harry Toews
Warren Fuchs
Tawnie Morrison
Brooklyn Jones
Kendra Schulz
Rustyn Stenberg
Marla Grad
Kev Stovin
Rick Wychreschuk
Bryce Burnett
Bruce Cairns
Madeleine O'Connor
Verla Schulz
Levi Jackson
Norm Vertefeuille
JoAnn Lupastin
Wayne Tranberg
Amie Lewis
Rebecca Perigny
Bonnie Thompson


"At Mosaic, giving back to the community is part of who we are and why we proudly celebrate the many Agribition volunteers that continue to put this internationally celebrated event on the ‘must attend’ list, year after year. Thank you for your commitment, your dedication, and for selflessly giving your time."


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