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Q:  What is the Top 50 in Canadian Agriculture Program?
Q:  What are the qualifications for nominees of the Top 50 in Canadian Agriculture?
UPSTARTS presented by Masterfeeds – The bold brash and daring future leaders of agriculture. This is for the early adopters and those who are trying something completely new. Young people who aren’t afraid to buck tradition, find their voice and go for the moon in Canadian ag!


MENTORS presented by Young’s Equipment– Been there, done that and have the lessons to prove it. Canadian agriculture wouldn’t be where it is without the people here and the leadership they continue to bring. From the kitchen table to the boardroom table, the Mentors always keep us pointed in the right direction.


INNOVATORS presented by CN – Build a better mousetrap? How about building an entire industry for the future. Whether they’re spinning wrenches or spinning atoms, it’s the Innovators who are keeping Canadian agriculture at the leading edge. Technology, processes, policies, business models, chemistry and genetics are just a few of the fields you’ll find this group owning.


DEAL MAKERS presented by Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers – Canadian agriculture is big business here at home and around the world. But who are the movers and shakers keeping the industry growing on Bay Street and Main Street? These are C-Suite leaders in their own right and are making sure agriculture is always at the right table when it’s time to do the deal.


DESIGNATED HITTERS presented by Viterra– The “go-to” leaders when you really need a home run. Industry champions, advisers, motivators, and producers that know how to get the job done and drive in some runs. You’ll probably recognize these people as keynote speakers, association leaders, or even volunteers that are always the first to sign up in the name of Canadian ag.


Q:  When will the list of Top 50 in Canadian Agriculture to be published?
Q:  How can I nominate someone?
Q:  What information do I need to provide on the nominee?
Q:  Can I just send an email on the person I want to nominate?
Q:  Will more than one nominee from the same organization, civic group or community be accepted?
Q:  What’s the judging criteria for each category?
Q:  How does the selection process work?
Q:  What is required of those who are selected?
Q:  Can I contact you to see how my nominee is doing in the nomination process?
Q:  Who is not eligible for nomination?