Agribition Express to return in November 2017

Canadian Western Agribition (CWA) announces continuation of the Agribition Express shuttle bus service, despite municipal budget cuts.

In a revised budget, the City of Regina has eliminated its funding tied to transit service at Agribition. Despite the cut, CWA is still committed to providing the Agribition Express service. 

“With or without the city supporting it, we feel it’s still an important service for our guests and residents of Regina,” says CEO, Chris Lane. “20,000 people use it during Agribition and we’re not going to leave those people without a ride.” 

CWA treats the funding previously received from the city as a sponsorship, giving the City an excellent return on investment. The City of Regina received value for its investment in line with the other sponsors at that level. 

“We understand the budgets are putting a lot of groups in tough spots and we’ve decided not to pass this cut along to our guests. The Agribition Express will be offered again, and it will be discounted again,” adds Lane.