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BMO Celebrating Women in Agriculture

The agriculture industry would not be where it is today without the hard work and dedication of women across the value chain whether that’s in primary production, marketing, mentoring and everything in between.
CWA and BMO have created a premier award for recognizing the outstanding achievement of women in the agriculture industry across Canada. As one of the best agricultural marketplaces in the world, Canadian Western Agribition is the perfect venue to present this award and recognize the deserving individual.Successful nominees will be women who have been involved with Canadian Western Agribition and who have a strong track record of achievement, involvement, and advocacy in whatever area of agriculture they come from.
A suitable nomination package will include details and descriptions of the work each nominee is doing and the positive impact they’ve made in the industry. 

BMO Celebrating Women in Agriculture Award Recipients

2017 Belinda Wagner

2018 Shannon McArton

2019 Sherri Grant



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