Genetics Detail

Lot 9 - SHAZAM

Consignor: Bundy Livestock 306-331-5115
Flush - 5 guaranteed, grade #1
Sire: Walks Alone     Dam: Shorthorn x Red Angus

Shazam was Champion Female at the Goodeve 4-H show as a yearling. Has been bred clubby and has a steer this year that will be shown by a 4-H junior. Shazam was purchased out of this very ring in the Prospect Sale. She is very thick and correct and will add a little colour to her offspring. She will be flushed to the bull of buyer's choice - breeding not included. Flush is not exportable. Some semen inventory available is Fu Man Chu, Monopoly, and American Pride. All flush costs are responsibility of the buyer at the location of buyer's preference.