Stock Exchange

The ‘Stock Exchange’ is the name for the Commercial Cattle Barn.


The Stock Exchange has 4 main components:

Bred Females

This has been the backbone of the program for years. Exhibitors have the opportunity to tap into Agribition’s extensive audience and take advantage of the sale of all sales. This program will set the market price for the fall, and it will be hard to beat.

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Replacement Heifers

Whether you are a buyer or seller this is your chance to see what’s in the pipeline for the next generation of females. An insight into the future of the market, this platform can be used by exhibitors to expand their marketing options.

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Bull Pen Alley

A bull pen competition with a modern twist. These bulls are shown in pens of three with a ranch raised feel. Expanded exhibitor exposure and buyer access make this an ideal area to pick a string of herd sires. Capped off with an all breed champion pen, this new format is an ideal expo of talented genetics.

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The Yards

Located in the Stock Exchange, The Yards features 20×20 pens where exhibitors can feature any part of their breeding program. Expect to see mature herd sires, displays, hosting areas, and much more. There are no rules, no competitions, just good people with good working cattle.


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