Equine Extravaganza (SK Horse Federation & Tommie Turvey)

Equine Extravaganza is a night full of equine education and entertainment! You will learn about horses from both a competition and a performance perspective.

The evening will begin with a demonstration by the Saskatchewan Horse Federation. The demonstration will feature rides from four major disciplines: reining, dressage, jumping and vaulting. Each discipline showcased will demonstrate different levels of the sport, from the grassroots beginner level all the way up to the high-performance athletes. This performance features riders of all ages and skill levels, demonstrating that the equestrian sport really is a "sport for life"! The presentation concludes with a final parade of all the participants.

Following the equine demonstration is one of the world's best entertainers, Tommie Turvey, and his celebrity horses. Tommie Turvey is a renowned animal trainer and performer and will bring his fast-paced brand of horsemanship, stunts and trick-riding to the show. Turvey has trained many celebrity horses including the Budweiser Clydesdales and the horses you see on the hit tv series "The Walking Dead".

He has a number of different acts which include:

The Riding Instructor: Tommie Turvey and the funniest horse under saddle, Poker Joe will astound your audience as they find out who is schooling whom. Poker Joe always gets the upper-hoof as this "dressage" demonstration goes from funny to hysterical. This is the most requested and memorable equine act in the business.

Extreme Roman Riding: Fast action, fancy footwork and exciting thrills are what you get when you have two beautiful horses and one daring rider. Tommie Turvey shows why he is the best of the best when it comes to riding atop two horses. The audience will be on the edge of their seats.

The Cowboys Friends: A cowboy's partner is his horse and his dog is his best friend. You'll see amazing tricks and the fun that Tommie has with his Mustang, Blade and his Red Heeler dog, Maverick. Watch as they ride a boogie board around the arena pulled by Blade. They are unlikely friends who have achieved notoriety for their relationship, training and performances with Tommie. This is the ultimate fun you can have with your best friends.

The Art of Liberty: Tommie Turvey shows the relationship you can have with horses. This is the "Art of Liberty" as he communicates with his horses with only voice and touch. The sight of a horse roaming free while dancing, galloping and working in harmony is breathtaking. Your audience will be inspired and amazed at the "connection" they have with each other.

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About the Saskatchewan Horse Federation
The Saskatchewan Horse Federation (SHF) is a non-profit organization supporting equestrian sport, recreation, and industry, while upholding standards of equine welfare.

The SHF is the only equestrian body recognized by SaskSport, and represents more than 4,000 individual members and over 130 clubs who come from all areas of the horse industry. Their membership base includes professionals, amateurs, competitors, and recreational enthusiasts of all ages and disciplines.

The SHF offers educational resources and training opportunities for athletes, coaches, and officials, as well as developing and delivering programs and projects to advance the needs and interests of the membership. They are committed to horse welfare and providing leadership and a voice to the individuals, associations, and industries in Saskatchewan's horse community.