Full Contact Jousting

Full Contact Jousting presented by Chop Steakhouse Bar provides an entertainment experience different from all other Agribition events.

The 6 knight tournament involves 2 men and 2 horses charging at each other on either side of an 180 foot fence, holding 11 foot long lances, and colliding at 30 miles an hour. The goal is to strike the opponent with the lance to score points and if possible, to unhorse the opponent. After 5 passes, the knight with the most points will move on to the next round until there is one Full Contact Jousting champion. This is an event you won't want to miss!

Full Contact Jousting at Agribition features Shane Adams and the Knights of Valour from History's Full Metal Jousting TV show. The competition does not feature choreographed jousting that you would see at dinner theatre entertainment, but rather authentic, competitive, full contact jousting. As a warm up before the joust, the Knights will compete in a series of mounted games, such as spearing of the rings, throwing of the spears, the quintain, and cutting of the heads. After each game the winner will win a handful of gold, (the edible kind), to be shared to his cheering crowd. After the games have been completed the Knights will ready themselves for the Full Contact Joust.

Adult: $15
Child: $10

Price doesn't include Ticketmaster fees if purchased online.

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Jousting Bracket

Each knight is sponsored by a radio station and they are competing for the championship title!


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