Chore Team Events

Chore Team Competition

A glimpse back in time when horsepower was everything. Horses are guided through a course designed to test the skills of the horses and drivers. Each obstacle on the course is an example of what teams on the ranch would face in their day-to-day duties.

Feed Team Race

Teams compete head-to-head, driving teams through and around a course, stopping at three feed stations to pick up and drop off feed.  Fastest time wins!

Water Barrel Race

Historically teams of horses were used to deliver water, whether to the family home or to the livestock in the pastures. This event puts teams to the test as they haul a barrel of water through a timed course, starting and stopping at different points along the way. The challenge is to get through the timed course without spilling any water. The team that delivers the most water in the barrel over the finish line wins.

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