SCA Chef's Challenge - You Gotta Beef With Me?

Top chef's from asround Saskatchewan go head-to-head in a beef-inspired battle competing for cash and bragging rights!

The Rules

This is a "choose your beef with a theme black box" competition featuring Saskatchewan products and a stocked pantry. Each competitor will have 45 minutes to create and serve one dish; however, cooking cannot commence until the chefs have developed and submitted their menu utilising all the themed ingredients and whatever supplied pantry items they select.

Click here for the full list of rules, pantry/equipment list, and scoring details.


The champion chef of each round will receive prize money. The overall runner up will receive prize money. The overall champion chef will receive prize money along with a F.Dick knife, CWA belt buckle, and of course, bragging rights!

Demonstration Videos

Watch each competition by selecting the videos below.